About Us

About Us

GSI AV - Kamloops Smart Home Specialist, MEDIA Custom Theater and Security Setup and Installations


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Discovery Process:

We listen to our clients’ goals and desires for their new system. We educate them on the latest technologies and possibilities. We cover all of the potential sub-systems that could be designed into the project. We determine the “scope of work” and budget range for this project at this time.

System Design:

We put our engineering team to work defining and detailing every facet of the project. We build a detailed proposal that outlines every piece and part that will be required for each room to accommodate the functionality requested by our client during the Discovery Phase. An extensive set of drawings are then created that graphically show where all hardware and pre-wire drops will be located. Our client is then delivered this information for review and approval to complete this phase.

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Implementation Process:

Additional support documentation is created and the rough/trim phase is begun. When the interior of the home is ready, we order the main system hardware and schedule the installation of the hardware into the project. Our jobs are complete when our clients are 100% satisfied with the finished product. This phase can take a few weeks or a few years depending on the scale of the project.

Service & Support:

A complete set of “as-built” documentation is delivered to every client at the final project sign-off. We strive to make every one of our clients into a “client for life.” By delivering “as-built” documentation and a copy of the programming source-code to our clients, we ensure that the investment they have made in their home is well protected and may be serviced for life with accuracy and diligence.